The Little Vintage Rainbow

I created this beautiful blanket as I wanted something that wasn’t so holey. It's my go to pattern if I need a gift for a friend or family member. The blanket itself is made up of the Suzette stitch I've used 9 Stylecraft colours (I will post each colour at the bottom of the pattern) if you wish to use the same colourway. Although this pattern looks just as great in single colours or in other colourways. I've added another picture so you are able to see others. I do really hope that you enjoy making it as much as I have.

What you need =
• 4mm hook • 9 balls of Stylecraft Special DK • Small scissors • Darning needle
Stitches = CH - Chain SC - Single Crochet HDC - Half double Crochet DC - Double Crochet SS - Slip Stitch
The pattern below requires you to change colour every 3 rows. See end of pattern for order of colours. 
The Pattern -
101 chains to start. Total amount of rows = 120 rows.
Row 1. Chain 101 stitches. In 2nd chain space from last stitch HDC and SC in same space. Miss 1 chain Repeat until there is 2 chain spaces remaining  Skip 1 chain and in last chain space 1 HDC.  Chain 2.
Row 2  4 chain spaces from last stitch HDC and SC in same space. Miss next chain space Repeat until there is 1 chain space remaining.  In last chain space HDC.  Repeat the above row for another 118 times. 

 Border =
Round 1 HDC in each chain space Each corner is 2 HDC, CH, 2 HDC.
Round 2  In every 3rd chain space 2 DC, CH, 2 DC (known as double v stitch). In corners do 2 DC, CH, 2 DC.
Round 3  In every v stitch 2DC, CH, 2DC. (In the CH space of previous Round between the 2 DC). In corners do 2 DC, CH, 2 DC.
Round 4 In middle of each double v stitch 3 DC with slip stitch in space between each full double v stitch.
All Yarn used is Stylecraft Special DK
Main body of the blanket are the following colours
• Buttermilk  • Vintage Peach • Blush • Grape • Denim • Storm Blue • Sage • Lincoln
And for the border I used Cream.
Thank you so much for taking the time to download and give this pattern a go. I really do hope you enjoy making it as much as did. Please show any creations on my new Facebook page www.facebook.com/littlebrockcrochet.