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Pastel Rainbow Blanket

Pastel Rainbow Blanket 

I've wanted to try a pastel rainbow blanket since forever! This simple, fun but oh so pretty blanket I created is just ideal for a newborn, toddler or adult. The size is ideal for a child but if you increase the pattern by 2 to your desired length will also work up just as beautifully. At the end of the pattern I have also shared the exact same blanket in just 1 solid colour to show how versatile and still stunning this blanket really is!

What you need

  • 4mm hook

  • All 6 of your colours listed just below

  • Darning needle


  • CH - Chain

  • SC - Single Crochet

  • HDC - Half Double Crochet

  • DC - Double Crochet

Pattern below require a colour change every 4 rows. All coulors are Stylecraft DK

Colours go in this order...

  • Blush Pink

  • Peach Orange

  • Banana Cream

  • Duck egg blue

  • Seaform Blue

  • Dusty Rose

Main blanket pattern

CH 100 to start.

DC in the 2nd CH from hook.

SC in next stitch

Alternate between the DC and SC for all of the row.

Finish the row on a SC

CH2 turn work

Start this row with a DC like previous row alternate between DC and SC

This is the lemon peel stitch.

Reapet the whole rainbow pattern another 4 times (6colours complete full rainbow).

120 rows in total.


I used white that I had here to use as the border for my blanket in the picture but any of the colours used in the blanket would work amazingly.

Round 1 HDC in each chain space Each corner is 2 HDC, CH, 2 HDC

Round 2 In every 3rd chain space 1 DC, CH, 1 DC (known as double v stitch). In corners do 2 DC, CH, 2 DC.

Round 3 In every v stitch 1DC, CH, 1DC. (In the CH space of previous Round between the 2 DC). In corners do 2 DC, CH, 2 DC.

Round 4 In middle of each double v stitch 3 DC with slip stitch in space between each full double v stitch.

Hope you have enjoyed the pattern. If you have 100g balls of each colour you will have enough for 2 of the above blanket. This blanket is absolutely beautiful in just 1 colour too the simple white looks absolutely breathtaking and would work beautifully for any occasion.

Pastel Rainbow Blanket: Project
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