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Sunflower Bloom

Everyone loves a sunflower right?! I've even given my middle daughter a second name, the welsh word for sunshine (Heulwen). 

I just had to make a blanket that was as bright, elegant and breathtakingly beautiful as the real thing. So here it is Sunflower Blooms. I loved every second of creating this and felt that I could just share the sunshine with everyone. Enjoy creating your own.

The following Pattern is in US terms.

The blanket is made up of 42 individual squares. Joined together using the ZigZag joining method. All colours that I have used are Stylecraft DK, Dark Brown (1), Gold (1), Dandelion(1), Cream (2)

This is based on a baby sixed blanketif your want to increase the size you will require more of the colours above.

What you will need -

4mm hook.

5 balls of stylecraft dk (exact shades will be at the end of the intro).


Darning needle.

Abbreviations - 

CH - Chain.

DC - Double Crochet.

HDC - Half Double Crochet.

BPHDC - Back Post Half Double Crochet.

TC - Trebel Crochet.

DC3TOG - Double Crochet 3 Together.

DC4TOG - Double Crochet 4 Together.

Pattern for 1 sunflower square -

Using the Dark Brown 

Start by CH 4 and join to create a circle.

Round 1

8 DC join to create the first round.

Round 2

16 DC (2 per each stitch). Join to complete round 2, tie off.

Use the Gold

Round 3

In each of the previous rows stitches, DC3TOG, CH 1 (16 in total). 

It may start to curl but this will correct itself in the next round.

Use the Dandelion

Round 4

In each of the CH1 spaces, DC4TOG, CH2. (16 Total).

Use the Cream

Round 5

Working in the CH2 spaces from previous round. 

3DC in 1st space, 3HDC in next space, 3DC in next space, 3TC, CH1, 3TC (this will be a corner)

Repeat until the round is complete join and tie off.

Border Pattern

Use Cream for the whole border.

After joining the squares together used the zig zag method Join in the corner space of the last square of the row.

Round 1&2

Using the granny cluster of 3DC in 1 space. place 1 cluster in each of the spaces and 1 cluster, CH1, 1 cluster for each of the corners (116 and 4 corner cluster in total for the 1st round)

repeat again for round 2 rembering to do 1 cluster, ch1, 1 cluster for each of the corners.

Round 3

HDC in each stitch.

Round 4

HDC in the next 3 stitches, 2HDC, CH1, 2HDC, 1 HDC in the next 3 stitches. (This is for every corner in this round). BPHDC in the next 93 stitches (this is the egde with 6squares) 108 for the side with 7 squares.

Repeat the corner.

Round 5

HDC in every stitch with 5Hdc in every corner.

Fasten of and weave in any loose threads.

Thank you so much for taking the time to try out one of my patterns. If there is any issues don't hesitate to send me a quick message id be more than happy to help you. 

Sunflower Bloom: Image
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